Our client, a large Australian hospitality provider, was executing a major rollout of a new information and communication technology (ICT) system to all their venues and over 1,500 staff within a very tight timeframe. The project involved five workstreams reporting to a Project Manager and an Oversight Committee.

PIP was engaged to establish project governance disciplines, deliver project management tools, upskill the client in project management, and coach effective project delivery behaviours to enable the change and ensure delivery on time on budget.

Client achieved

  • Project team and workplan aligned to the business objectives and project scope
  • Significant increases in project task detail down to the individual activity, deliverable by workstream
  • Visibility of project performance on a weekly basis, against both delivery and target, from CEO to front line
  • A more responsive project team to changing requirements and scope
  • An integrated, simple suite of project management tools to sustain and drive current and future projects
  • Trained team of change champions to drive adoption and ensure the changes stick